He’s Your Teacher- Harry Part 1

Your POV:

I rolled over and looked at the time “SHIT, HOW IS IT ALREADY 7” I jumped out of bed and got dressed did my makeup and hair and ran out of the house. “How can i be late on the first day of school” i pulled up to school, “it’s my senor year and i’m going to be late, great first impression (Y/N)!” i mutter to myself. I walk to my English class, room 204, I stood in front of the door and took a deep breath, oh how i hated having all eyes on me, I opened the door to see a man with golden brown hair, he was tall and had green eyes and dimples to die for! “You mus be (Y/N)” his voice was deep and soothing “yeah, I’m so sorry i was late i over-” i tried to explain myself but i was cutoff “It’s fine we all over sleep sometimes” he said with a smirk, wow he was beautiful. “I am Mr.Styles,(Y/N) you may take a seat next to Ed” He pointed to your destination and you followed his directions. During class i found it hard to concentrate on the work because i was to busy day dreaming about him. we were all given an easy test to do but i couldn’t focus on it.

Harrys POV:

Wow was i distracted. i tried really hard to focus on teaching but i was to busy thinking about (Y/N), she really is gorgeous….Wait what am i saying i’m her teacher, i cant be thinking about her like that,

Your POV:

The bell rang and the class cleared the room “(Y/N) can i speak to you?”  Mr.Styles asked me, “uh Y-yeah sure” i chocked out nervous at the fact that he wanted to talk to me, and i was already not good talking to guys. ESPECIALLY cute ones. “You are really good at writing essays but you need some help with certain subjects and uh…id be happy to help during this lunch break”he sounds kind of nervous. you nod and take out your books, both sit down next to each other. While hes explaining something about poetry to you, you dose off and start to daydream about him again but this time while looking at him, and he notices “(Y/N) hey you ok babe?”  your knees would go weak if you were standing up at the fact he just called you babe “Huh, wait what i’m back,what happened?!” he chuckles no nothing i was just saying ho-” he stops short when you guys make eye contact, He touches you check gently and softly. you felt so safe in that moment he slowly brings your face to his and your lips touch his soft lips, it was a gentle kiss that got more passionate. ‘oh my god is this really happening?’ you ask yourself you immediately pull back “(y/n) I’m so sorry!” “I-i got to go” you say breathlessly as you grab your books and storm out

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