He cheats on you when he is drunk- Zayn Part 5


When we walked into the double doors there was a huge stage with bigger screens, this was amazing but my awe lasted for a short mount of time because in the corner of my eye I saw Perrie and Zayn cuddling and hanging all over each other. Okay you want to play that way, I can play. I turned to Liam and did the same, kissing him and leaning on him, whispering into his ear, of course the paps noticed, but I couldn’t care less right now. “(Y/N) you look so beautiful tonight babe I can’t believe Zayn cheated on you, what a bad move you’re perfect!” Liam whispered in my ear while Katy perry walked upstage to call the nominees names, I could feel my face heat up so I looked at Zayn and Perrie. Even though I don’t want to admit it, Perrie looked gorgeous tonight, she wore a pink hair band complementing her pink dip died tips, her dress was long and red. Why. Why was she so pretty, I just Can’t compete with her, not when it comes to Zayn she had his heart first, and proved that she still had it. Zayn was holding Perrie’s hand and leaned forward and whispered something in her ear. “Zaynie stop it I’m trying to listen” she giggled and pointed to the stage. It was becoming unbarring, I really like Liam, but I love Zayn even though he cheated on me. I just couldn’t stop myself from loving him, I mean just look at him, his chocolate brown eyes, and they way he smiled at me for no reason, made me smile even when I am upset. Not to mention his jealousy when guys hit on me. Ha I remember the time he almost beat the shit out of my ex Eric for when he hit me because I wouldn’t go home with him, now Zayn is usually really chill. But when he got protective.. It. Was. Hot. “Liam I really like you, I’m glad we came together” I said looking deeply into his big brown eyes. I looked over one more time and caught Zayn looking at me and Liam. I knew this would get him. I cupped Liam’s face and brought his lips to mine. They fit together perfectly, like a puzzle. The kiss got really heated and I could tell Zayn had enough. “FINE (Y/N) YOU FUCKING WIN IM DONE.” Zayn stood up and stormed out, good thing the music was playing other wise we would have cause a HUGE scene. I chased after him with Liam and Parrie following not to far behind me. “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM” I spat at him “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE MAD AT ME ZAYN, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO BROUGHT PERRIE HERE! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO COME TOGETHER. BUT AGAIN YOU CHOSE HER YOU ALWAYS WILL YOU LOVE HER ZAYN! ON TOP OF THAT DO YOU REALIZES I SPENT DAYS CRYING AND REFUSING TO EAT, THINKING THERES SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME!” I guess I was crying cause Zayn wiped away the tear with his thumb. “DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME OKAY.” I was so angry. “(y/n) I- I didn’t know… You’re perfect. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you, I’m an idiot.” He looked so hurt. “Why did you Cheat on me, Why did you choose her, is it cause she’s prettier? I just can’t. Don’t answer those questions. Don’t call me Zayn.” I was broken. Empty. Done. The boys soon came through the double doors, I guess it finished. They came out holding 3 awards. FUCK I MISSED IT. “Li can we just go home and watch toy story and cuddle. I’m tired and I just I don’t want to-” I was cut off “of course babe, you don’t have to explain.” I took one last glance at Zayn, he looked…..Determined? A/N: OMFG IDK IF THIS IS ANYGOOD BUT IT’S 5:30 IN THE MORNING AND I STAYED UP TO WRITE THIS FOR YOU GUYS OFF MY PHONE IM SORRY IF ITS NOT GOOD OR IF THERES SPELLING ERRORS, PART 6 WILL BE BETTER!!! -Alesia :).xx crying blood night babes
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